Trainee interpreter Ukrainian-English

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Due to the continuous high demand for Ukrainian interpreters, we are urgently looking for Ukrainian-English speaking candidates who would like to be trained immediately as a trainee interpreter. 

Important requirements

  • Your English and Ukrainian language skills are at a minimum of B2 level.
  • You are available for a minimum of 20 hours per week.
  • You are flexible (work on location, from home by phone or video).
  • You are willing to work as a freelancer.

What does a trainee interpreter Ukrainian do?

As an Ukrainian trainee interpreter, you are deployed when people do not understand each other due to a language barrier. You help by translating the conversation as well as possible.

Essential basic skills training

Before you can start, Global Talk provides a practical training course with the essential basic skills you will need during your interpreting assignments. After the training, you will start working as a trainee interpreter.

During your work you will receive further intensive training and coaching. The training course is mandatory before you start working as an interpreter.

Working as a trainee interpreter

Global Talk will offer you interpreting assignments. During those assignments you will interpret conversations at asylum centers, schools, municipalities and government administrations. You will have a wide variety of interesting assignments such as telephone interpreting services, video services and on-site services.

In addition, there are assignments in which you sometimes work on location for several weeks (with overnight stay). It is important that you are available and flexible. As a trainee interpreter you will work on a freelance basis, so you decide for yourself which interpreting requests you accept. There is no obligation to carry out specific interpreting requests.

What do you earn?

We offer an attractive hourly rate. In addition, you will be reimbursed for travel and accommodation expenses.


Do you have questions about the position? Please contact: Ruben van der Mooren. 

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